My Chains Are Gone
My chief desire in all my writings, is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him beautiful and glorious in the eyes of people; and to promote the increase of repentance, faith, and holiness upon earth - J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

The Book

Once upon a time a fine young woman lived in country near a wonderful Kingdom. In that Kingdom reigned and ruled a good and just King Who was KING over all other kings. She’d often heard of this KING, but, having never seen Him, she found it hard to believe such a great man existed.

One day the KING visited the young woman. He told her He’d chosen her for His Bride. The young woman thrilled with such an honor. She rejoiced at the good news. Of course she said yes.

The KING told her He would be away for awhile, but, He would one day return to marry her in a wonderful wedding ceremony. The KING’S Bride accepted this delay without complaint. With sweet anticipation she longed for their glorious wedding day.

Before leaving her the KING gave His Bride to be a large Book. He said, “This is a special Book. Please read it and learn about me. As KING I already know you better than you might realize. If you read this Book you can learn much about me. When I return and we marry our love and friendship would be all the more joyful from the start”.

The young Bride was sad that the KING was going away, even so, she was thankful He’d given her such a wonderful Book. She planned to read it every day. After the KING went away the young Bride read all the pages of the Book. As time passed the young woman also spent some of her time reading other books that told her about the KING.

After awhile the KING’S Bride had less time to read the KING’S Book. She was rather busy telling people about what she was learning. She was also busy listening to others tell what they knew about the KING. After a time, while the KING’S Book was always on display in her home, she rarely read it.

One day a pleasant well-spoken woman visited the KING’S Bride to be. She told the Bride “I am a member of the KING’S family. I once invited Him to dinner and served Him curry. He enjoyed it very much.”  The KING’S Bride was thankful for this new information about the KING. She rushed out and took lessons on how to become the best curry maker in her country. In time the KING’S Bride’s curries did indeed become renowned.

Another time a handsome young man came to her and said, “I am the King’s cousin. I happen to know that He loves parachuting out of planes”. Gathering her courage the KING’S Bride took parachuting lessons. In time she became most skilled at jumping out of planes. Many who knew her admired and applauded her effort.

Later on an older man from the Kingdom came to visit the Bride to be and told her “I am of the King’s family. I happen to know the King loves to visit Spain. He has taken me there many times. He knows well the Spanish language”.  Wanting to please her future husband, the KING’S Bride took Spanish lessons. In time no one else in her country was as fluent as she in Spanish. Except, of course, those who were born and raised in Spain.

Finally the KING returned to claim his Bride. He walked toward her with His great love shining from his eyes. He looked deep into her happy eyes and asked what she had learned of Him. The KING’S Bride replied, “Dear Love, I have learned a great deal. I am skilled at jumping out of planes. I am fluent in Spanish. I can also make a curry sauce that is the envy of cooks everywhere.”

The expression in the KING’S eyes shone a little less bright. He questioned her further. “Beloved, why do you think those things would please me? Did you read my Book?” The young Bride became  confused. She said, “Well, I did read your Book, though not as much as I’d intended. I was often busy learning about and doing those things that others told me about you.”

After hearing her story, the KING replied, “The woman who told you I loved curry was mistaken. She is a distant relative with whom I spend little time. Yet, when she invited me for dinner, because I am a courteous man I ate what she served me. While I do enjoy curry, I prefer another cuisine.” The KING’S Bride was heartbroken because she did not know how to cook anything other than curry.

“As for my jumping out of planes” said the KING, “that young man  invited me to spend the day with him. I would not embarrass him by refusing his invitation.” The KING continued, “I was not interested in jumping out of a plane. I haven’t done it since that one time. If that young man had been a close family member he would have known I much prefer sailing. I love the sea.” The young Bride grieved. She knew nothing of sailing and was afraid of deep water.

“And Spain”, the KING explained “is a place I visit only for business. It’s not where we’ll spend our vacations. As for that older man, I rarely see him, he is an uncle twice removed. I invited him to Spain only once because he said how much he would like to visit there. If he’d known me, he’d know I speak fluent Fijian and usually vacation in Fiji”.  At this last revelation the KING’S Bride started crying. She did not know a single Fijian word!

Though the greatest love of all still shined through the KING’s eyes, His Bride could not see it. She lowered her head, too ashamed to look up. The KING voice was kind, but, stern. “My Love, had you obeyed me and read my Book you would not have wasted your time believing or doing other things. You would have known they could not please me”. The KING continued speaking. “Had you read my Book and trusted what it said, you would have known who told the truth and who didn’t.”

The KING’s Bride was silent. The KING spoke again with strong emphasis. “There are many who read my book, but they don’t trust what it says. Do you also not trust me?” The KING’S Bride remained silent. She reflected upon her previous choices. If only she’d read the Book her KING had given her until she truly understood, instead of relying on others to tell her about Him. If only she’d trusted Him completely. If only.

Seeing into His Bride’s heart and knowing her self-examination and remorse was genuine, the noble and gracious KING smiled and spoke to His Bride. “My Beloved, all is not lost, you are still my darling Bride. There is time now to learn more about me.”

The Bride’s heart leaped with joy for a moment, but, she was still ashamed and kept her eyes on the ground.  The good KING lifted His Bride’s chin up toward Him and smiled down at her with His glorious smile. He made it crystal clear she was forgiven.  His embrace was tender and loving and He wiped away all her tears.

The trembling Bride gazed up into her Groom’s face. The marvel of so great a Love. She adored Him. Was there ever such a man? Such a Husband? Such a KING? No, never. Not in all of eternity.

The Book – Copyright 2003 –
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