My Chains Are Gone
My chief desire in all my writings, is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him beautiful and glorious in the eyes of people; and to promote the increase of repentance, faith, and holiness upon earth - J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

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Man’s Finest Hours

Man’s finest hours – mortal’s best emerge all bruised and torn, quite unaware God’s perfect rest: endeavor, human-born. Yet, other souls, in humble trust wait upon God’s power, to rise blood-bought victorious above the cruelest hour. To never strive (tho’ told we should), our thoughts…

My Chains Are Gone

In the shadows of the night where I drew back from the light; in the place where I’d go so my crimes wouldn’t show; in the shame of the sin that I continued in; in the last place on earth with this child of no…