My Chains Are Gone
My chief desire in all my writings, is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him beautiful and glorious in the eyes of people; and to promote the increase of repentance, faith, and holiness upon earth - J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

Eve Speaks

I speak not merely as a woman. Nor do I speak as to a mere man.
I speak as God’s Eve Woman. I speak to God’s Adam Man.
Man, whence came you? What purpose? What plan?
What duty was placed in your care, Man?
What turned you that you bolted and ran?
From the Garden. From the Promised Land.
Look around, Man. Look at Eve Woman.
Where did she come from? Out of Man.
Man in union with Woman: God’s plan.
Back to the Garden. Back to the Land.
Adam and Eve: the work of God’s hand.
Fruit producing seed: splendid man!
Seed bearing fruit: glorious woman!
God would that mortals obey His Plan.
I speak as God’s Eve Woman.
I speak to God’s Adam Man.

Eve Speaks – Copyright © 1999


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